Improving the sales experience for happier customers

The statistics are dismal: 53 percent of sales reps aren’t hitting their quota and 44 percent fail to seal the deal, according to researchers at CSO Insights.

Improving the sales experience for happier customers

The poor performance actually isn’t all that surprising given the fact that salespeople aren’t spending much time on customer engagement. SiriusDecisions research found that while sales reps work an average of 51 hours per week, only 13 of those hours are actually spent engaging with customers.*

So what’s wrong with the sales process?

A big part of the problem is that sales automation tools haven’t kept up with the radically different way buyers approach the buying process. Buyers today expect speed and ease -- the Amazon experience -- not just in the B2C world, but also the B2B realm.

Meanwhile, legacy tools that promised automation only created more manual processes. They simply can’t keep up with today’s customer expectations.

What winds up happening is a lot of bad first-time sales calls and missed opportunities. Customers want a meaningful experience and a trusted connection, but they’re not getting it. And they’re quick to churn to a different vendor if they don’t get what they want. Simply put, a bad first date doesn’t lead to marriage.

How do you avoid these bad dates and improve the sales process?

First off, remember your customers are people, and so are your salespeople. Examine your processes to make sure leads are routed in the most optimal way. Then, you can apply technology.

Modern sales tools that improve the sales rep experience will enable them to create the trusted, meaningful experiences customers expect.

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*Source: SiriusDecisions Research Brief, “Sales Operations: Planning Assumptions 2019.”

By Jennifer Kling | September 5th, 2018 | Customer Experience

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