Making the Connection Between Sales Experience and Customer Experience

Are your sales automation and sales process tools out of synch with today’s buying and selling environment?

For most companies, the answer is probably “yes.”

Making the Connection Between Sales Experience and Customer Experience

The first generation of cloud-based sales automation tool are now 20 years old and in the meantime, the world of buyers and sellers has undergone a momentous revolution. Several revolutions in fact.

Are your sales automation tools keeping up with this tempest of changes?

Here’s what the data says: For all the money spent on first-generation tools like CRM, 80% of all first-time sales calls go nowhere. That’s right, four out of five calls are useless, which is a lot of wasted time and effort. The fact is, a bad first date rarely leads to marriage, and there’s a lot of bad dates going on in sales.

In many other metrics, like quota attainment, the numbers have also been heading in the wrong direction for many years. 

The reality is that there has been a sea change in how buyers approach the buying process, and legacy sales tools that don’t take this into account may be solving yesterday’s operational problems, not today’s customer experience issues.

What are the buying changes? They’ve happened so fast, you may not have realized how extensive they are. For one, people want speed. They want quotes, even on the most complex deliverables, available to them right away. And they want the best discounts. They have lots of data on pricing and features at their fingertips, and are apt to switch to new vendors quickly if they don’t get what they want fast.

At the same time, they don’t like churn in their own sales reps, and they may be turned off by a new rep who isn’t fully prepared to sell the product. In short, they want a lasting and meaningful connection with the company. And they want trust, kind of like what you want the ultimate result to be from your dating experience.

It’s clear you need sales tools that enable that superior customer experience. In some ways this connection between better sales process technology and better customer experience is fairly obvious. In other cases, a bit more subtle.

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By Jennifer Kling | August 16th, 2018 | Customer Experience

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Jennifer Kling

Jennifer Kling is Sr. Product Marketing Manager at CallidusCloud with over 16 years experience in sales and marketing roles in the high-tech industry. As a product marketer, she is responsible for applying market research to product messaging. She loves a good debate - whether it is over the most effective sales incentives or the Oxford comma.