In the company of dreamers.

Besides fulfilling our goal of becoming one of the top five cloud companies in the industry, CallidusCloud is an organization that is focused on running a business with integrity, serving our customers and shareholders, and taking care of our employees. It’s a clear and succinct mission that our employees can—and do—stand behind. It’s certainly a different mantra compared to other tech companies in the valley with sometimes lofty ideas of “saving the world with software.” Whether or not you're in business to fulfill a moral calling to do your part for the world, at times and to its own detriment, we find that the world of tech bleeds into the rocky landscape of the political arena when it shouldn’t. CallidusCloud’s focus has always stayed true to course. And because of that, we are the undisputed leader in sales performance management software. So it was a bit of a surprised reaction when I saw our CEO Leslie Stretch publish an open letter to President Trump about the rescission of DACA. Like Leslie, I’ve known and felt the pain of seeing loved ones—cousins of my own generation—held back, separated from the family, and left behind because of immigration policies that knew no faces, feelings, or values. My grandfather had enough foresight to bring his entire family to America, but the difference for me was that I had the laws of immigration on my side. Unlike some of my family members, I was allowed to immigrate to the San Francisco Bay Area at the age of seven, leaving my childhood home of the Philippines behind. I took my oath and became an official citizen of the United States after high school. Fast forward to today and I can humbly say that I enjoy a professional career at CallidusCloud that affords me the enriched lifestyle that my grandfather first imagined for me. Had my journey played out today though, I would have found myself in an entirely different reality. My grandfather was a dreamer. He had a dream of a better future for his children and for his children’s children. I now walk, live, and breath by his legacy. I am the product of a dream. And I am proud to be part of a company that allows dreamers to dream. CallidusCloud encourages you to read the open letter at:

By Venus Picart | September 15th, 2017 | DACA

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Venus Picart

Venus Picart is the Sr. Director of Campaigns and Customer Marketing at CallidusCloud. She is a marketing enthusiast, content creator, customer advocate, augmented intelligence and analytics fangirl, data science groupie, change catalyst, idea generator, story weaver, people and information connector, avid learner, connect‐the­‐dots thinker, and obsessively creative.