Becoming a Customer Company - Dreamforce Keynote with Marc Benioff

Are you ready to become a customer company?  Do you have the internal support and tools to take the next step into the future? Marc Benioff delivered an excellent message yesterday in his keynote where he introduced the Internet of Customers.  “In the internet of customers”, he said, “companies must create 1:1 experiences with customers.” Benioff referred to this “Third Wave of Computing” as a place where the Internet of things is all connected via the cloud. This is a vision we truly believe in at CallidusCloud and from our perspective it starts with giving your sales team the right tools and technology to seamlessly interact with prospects right from the start. Too often sales are overloaded with multiple tools and technologies all housing various pieces of information making it difficult to build effective relationships with prospects and clients.  In the spirit of creating a connected selling environment it’s important to link these various pieces. At CallidusCloud we call this the Lead to Money process – a process in which each step of the sales cycle is interconnected from leads, territories, learning enablement, quotes & proposals, to incentives and compensation; all leading to the start of an excellent relationship with customers. Together a connected selling environment fosters better relationships enabling sales to develop solid relationships and deliver the right message to potential customers.  We’re excited to hear from more thought leaders this week and find out how they are working to move into the “Third Wave of Computing!” P.S. Don’t forget to swing by our booth W107 and we’ll introduce you to the Lead to Money process so you too can lead the way in connecting your sales process!

By Hannah Hanrahan | November 20th, 2013 | Dreamforce

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Hannah Hanrahan

Hannah is a member of the CallidusCloud demand generation marketing team and focuses on a variety of sales and marketing topics. She competes in U.S. masters swimming and is a yoga enthusiast.