Ramping up Sales Enablement

Ramping up Sales Enablement Now that we have taken a look at getting lead generation right and ramping up your sales planning process, let’s take a look at ramping up sales enablement to ensure that sales has the tools they need to be successful. So, what do we mean when we say sales enablement?  Sales enablement is all of the tools that are given to sales to help them sell effectively.  It’s the single source of truth for content and collateral they need to be able to find to engage with their customers, as well as the coaching and training they receive to help them hone their skills to close more deals, for more money, in record time.  In other words, sales enablement sits right in the middle of the lead to money process, the place where sales reps begin to work the qualified leads they are assigned, and right before the actual quoting and closing of the sale.

Sales Enablement:  Help Sales Move Deals through the Sales Cycle

The time spent on generating leads and optimizing territories is all for naught if there is not a process in place to enable sales to succeed.  Sales reps need to have access to playbooks, collateral, product information, and training at their fingertips, wherever they are.  By creating deal rooms for your reps, you give them access to better intelligence around who’s involved in the buying decisions, what content the prospect is looking at and the people they are sharing the content with, and who the decision makers are, all leading the rep to better understand where the prospect is in the buying cycle and when best to engage. Armed with these tools, sales reps are better able to address prospects needs and engage them with the content they need to make better buying decisions.  This will enable your reps to shorten the sales cycle, and offer better options for up-sell and cross-sell items, to increase the size of each deal.

They have the Leads, They have the Resources, Now They Need the Coaching

By valuing territories accurately and providing tools and processes to your sales team, you can better gauge the effectiveness of each sales rep.  This means that it is easier to model the behaviors of your top sales reps to see where the deficiencies in your mid and lower performers are.  By understanding the specific areas, based on KPIs, that your reps are struggling with, you can be more proactive in the coaching that you provide.  While performance reviews are great in getting people on the same page, they lack the ability to enact change quick enough to make a difference in quota attainment – as performance reviews, by definition, are backward looking. Providing your sales managers with a coaching tool that can track reps KPIs and behaviors, will allow sales managers to dig deeper into the specific areas that reps need the most help with.  Once those deficiencies are determined, it becomes a matter of setting aside time to coach and train reps on best practices to help them improve their performance, prior to the quarter or period ending.  By doing so, you will realize better quota attainment and ensure that the sales reps behaviors are aligned with the company’s objectives. Through enablement, sales reps will have the training and resources they need to move their prospects through the sales cycle and into the quoting process.  In the next blog post we will learn how to maximize your quotes and proposals to ensure that no money is left on the table.

By Jon Skog | January 24th, 2014 | Enablement

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Jon	 Skog

Jon is a member of the CallidusCloud content marketing team and covers all things sales and marketing in the lead to money process.  He is a husband and father that reads too much and sleeps too little.


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