Sales Enablement Is Key to Improving the Customer Experience

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing world of B2B selling, sales training and sales enablement have become more important than ever. But many companies are falling short when it comes to preparing their sales teams.

Sales Enablement Is Key to Improving the Customer Experience

A Sales Management Association survey of 111 companies covering more than 80,000 salespeople found that only 43% rate their salesperson training and development programs as effective.

Content is another core component of sales enablement, and companies aren’t doing a very good job here job here either. Reps need quick, easy access to relevant content -- case studies, white papers, updated playbooks and battlecards -- to be effective. A study by study by CSO Insights found that only one-third of organizations have a content strategy.

All this lack of preparation spells trouble for the customer experience. Modern enterprise buyers come to the table already having done a lot of research, and they expect the speed and convenience they get in the consumer world. If a sales rep is unprepared to answer a customer’s questions or provide them with the information they need, the customer will quickly move on. Your company loses that opportunity.

Equipping your sales reps so they can provide the best possible customer experience requires taking a comprehensive approach to sales enablement. It means moving beyond traditional sales “boot camps” to continuous digital training that speeds the ramp up for new sales reps. Personalized learning paths, videos, and virtual training ensures that sales processes are followed, which shortens sales cycles and improves win rates.

In addition to enabling your internal sales force, you also need to enable your partners with a role-based sales enablement platform that provides them with access to material.

And all these sales enablement components need to be integrated with other sales tools in order to be truly effective. This means having common touch points throughout the lead-to-cash process, which ensures that enablement doesn’t fall through the cracks.

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By Marcia Savage | November 27th, 2018 | Enablement

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