The Truth About Enablement: a Preview of New Research from CSO Insights from Tamara Schenk

On Nov. 10, CallidusCloud is presenting the 2015 Sales Enablement Summit at the Corinthia Hotel in London, a day-long event that will explore the modern state of enablement and how your business can help your sales team win more frequently by arming them with the skills and content they need. The centerpiece of the event will be the unveiling of the results of the CSO Insights 2015 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, something we are proud to have sponsored. Tamara Schenk, the study’s author, will present her findings. Tamara is one of the foremost experts on sales enablement strategy, and hearing her speak would be reason enough to attend – but hearing her speak on just-concluded research makes the summit an event you truly can’t afford to miss. With a preview of the research, here’s Tamara! By Tamara Schenk Whenever you begin a new project, you are courageous, curious, excited and a bit nervous. How will it go and what will the results look like? As expected, or different?The Truth About Enablement This is how we felt when we designed our inaugural 2015 CSO Insights Sales Enablement Optimization Study. The purpose of this survey was to understand better the current state of sales enablement, the measurable business impact, enablement challenges, and trends. This is why it was not a short survey – thank you to all participants who made it through to the end! We also wanted to understand how our sales force enablement definition would work. Would it be confirmed or destroyed? And the same was true for our enablement maturity model. Confirmed or destroyed? What would the surprises be? Here you go – the main headlines of our 2015 CSO Insights Sales Enablement Optimization Study:

  • Sales Enablement matters: Organizations with an enablement function reported 8.2 percent better revenue plan attainment compared to those without an enablement function.
  • Sales Enablement matters even more if designed in a customer-centric way: Those who have an enablement function and design their enablement services based on a sales process that’s mostly or fully aligned to the customer’s journey report even better revenue plan attainment.
  • Sales Enablement is in sales. The question is no longer whether sales enablement should be in marketing or in sales. The question is, in fact, where in sales should sales enablement be allocated? Join us in London to learn how many participants reported that their enablement function reports to sales management or sales operations, and how many report into marketing.
  • Sales Enablement provides various services, training, content and coaching. Enablement teams provide a broad range of services for their growing user communities (yes, sales managers become more and more relevant), dominated by training services, content, and coaching services. Join us in London to learn more about the effectiveness of these enablement services, what the challenges are and what the way forward could look like.

Are you curious? Are you interested in more? Here is what we will cover at the Callidus Cloud Sales Enablement Summit, November 10 in London:

  • What are the main enablement goals? How are enablement priorities set?
  • How effective are training, content and coaching services?
  • What’s the impact of a well-executed customer-core strategy on various KPIs, such as conversion rates and quota attainment?
  • Why is excellent customer-core content becoming a strategic imperative?
  • How well do enablement leaders leverage technology? Where’s the potential? Learn more about the trend of integration and how to do that.
  • How can enablement leaders go forward and evolve their enablement practice? How can they set up a customer-core strategy?

See you in London, November 10!  

By Giles House | October 29th, 2015 | Enablement

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Giles House

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