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Digitizing your sales processes is imperative to being able to sell smarter and sell faster in 2014.  The days of giving your sales rep a territory and account list have given way to automated tools and processes that optimize the lead to money process.  This digitization of sales is picking up more steam as companies begin to strategically integrate complementary systems into an overall ecosystem of sales tools that enhance the productivity of sales teams. DocuSign MomentumTo this end, CallidusCloud has recently announced a new partnership with DocuSign.  The partnership between CallidusCloud and DocuSign will bring about a further acceleration of the lead to money process in companies of all sizes, from all industries, and in all geographies, helping them close deals even faster and more efficiently.  As this partnership progresses, customers will be able to automate the signing of accepted compensation plans, digitize the way proposals are agreed upon and how contracts can be signed off on. CallidusCloud is thrilled to be a part of DocuSign Momentum ’14 in San Francisco.  As DocuSign has pointed out, businesses have saved millions of dollars by switching their legacy systems to digital systems, but that journey has just begun.   It’s not just about digitizing your processes it’s also about the integration of different systems that can occur through the digitation that really drives sales transformation.  Come visit us in the partner pavilion to learn how our customers are leveraging on-demand technologies to optimize their lead to money process and close more deals, for more money, faster.

By Jon Skog | March 3rd, 2014 | Events

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Jon	 Skog

Jon is a member of the CallidusCloud content marketing team and covers all things sales and marketing in the lead to money process.  He is a husband and father that reads too much and sleeps too little.