The 3 Reasons Why Our First Year Sponsoring SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW Was a Success

Some see digital transformation as just a buzzword, but it’s more real to me and CallidusCloud than that. This year was our first year sponsoring SAPPHIRE NOW. We wanted to show attendees how digital transformation can make each stage of the sales process more valuable. Here’s why I walked away feeling successful and confident in a job well done.

#1 Talk about first impressions!

SAP Sapphire Now 2017As our customers have been able to transform their business through CallidusCloud products, we have also been going through a transformation of our own. It was not only our first sponsorship of SAPPHIRE NOW but also the first year of our formalized partnership. We’ve been working with SAP customers for many years, and it was great to become a more formal part of their ecosystem. It was also great to be awarded the SAP ISV Partner of the Year award—awesome given it’s our first year in the program.

#2 Teslas are for winners.

Tesla transforms driving. CallidusCloud transforms sales. Being a first time exhibitor and giving attendees a chance to win the Tesla Model S in the booth drove a lot of great conversations with many prospects and customers. I’ve been involved with dozens of these kinds of events over the years, and this one had the highest quality attendees that I’ve ever seen: senior leadership of marquee enterprise businesses. Our team found a lot of value in meeting and talking to the great SAP account executives and their sales VPs who are eager and interested in introducing CallidusCloud Commissions, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) to their customers.

#3 Transformation begins with a demo.

I had the opportunity to present at the conference, and I was appreciative of the attendees who joined my two sessions: one on leveraging the speed of commissions processing into a competitive advantage and the other on how to enable customers to buy from you anywhere, anytime. Business software like CallidusCloud Commissions and CallidusCloud CPQ are described as sales performance tools that allow companies to be more accurate and effective at what they do. But to showcase the real-world results from our customers who are using those products to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and drive significant increases in market share and top-line revenue, allowed those descriptions to come to life and resonate with our many visitors at the conference.

If your business is looking for new ways to gain mind-share as partners or to expand the channels you sell your products through, watch the recordings of my presentations here. I’m excited about the partnership with SAP and look forward to being at Sapphire again next year!

By Bill Butler | May 31st, 2017 | Events

About the Author: Bill Butler

Bill Butler

Bill is a veteran technology sales and marketing leader. He has focused on creating value with highly technical products including embedded computing hardware, BIOS software, IoT, inertial navigation sensors, algorithm IP, and enterprise SaaS software. Born in Canada, he’s lived and worked in South Korea as well as the New York, Chicago, and now San Francisco Bay areas. He’s done business in 16-countries, travelled over a million miles, and is also the author of a book on business travel.