Enable sales with mobile sales tools

The holiday season seems to start earlier every year. The shops are already fully stocked with Christmas decorations, restaurants encourage you to book your parties, and a whole host of new “must-have” gadgets have been launched: Apple with the new iPads and iMacs, Amazon’s new Kindle and of course Microsoft’s Surface and Windows 8 accompanied by a $1.3 billion marketing campaign!

A lot of these new devices will find their way into the enterprise – Forbes put the compound annual growth rate of shipments to business at 49% over the next four years, many of which will end up in the hands of sales organizations. The surprising thing is that most will only use them for note taking and email (Angry Birds aside). So if you have one of these new tablets on your Christmas list, what more should you do with it? Here are three suggestions:

  • Proposals – Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can do anything from complex pricing and product selection through to simple quotes with built in approvals. A few taps and swipes later and you’ve got a proposal, full of cross-sell and up-sell options on the way to your customer.Expect to see: an increase in average deal size and decrease in cycle length
  • Learning – New product launch? New methodology? Brushing up on core selling skills? A common trait of successful sales people is the time they spend learning. With a mobile Learning Management System, like Litmos, you’ve got access to the latest training wherever you are whenever you need it. No more week long classroom courses!Expect to see: higher close rates
  • Coaching – If you’re a manager this is a great way to have a more structured 1-to-1 coaching session with a team member. No need to hunt for the right reports and spreadsheets; all the information is at your fingertips. When you’re in the field with your team this is a great unobtrusive way to give feedback on their selling skills, monitor their development progress, and set more targeted objectives.Expect to see: greater quota attainment and lower salesperson turnover

These are just three examples of what some of our customers are doing with their mobile devices and the benefits they are realizing. Proposal automation is a particularly hot topic right now for sales people. It’s a quick fix and makes a compelling business case. I recently hosted a session with one of our CPQ customers – Xirrus – who have realized many of the benefits they were expecting as well as a few they weren’t! Their CPQ case study delves deeper into the business case, but one of the key findings was that by simply prompting the salesperson to include an additional service in the quote, Xirrus saw a near 100% attach rate for the service and a significant revenue increase!

A huge benefit, realized by a simple prompt, accessible on a device you can take anywhere. On a recent Configure Price Quote webinar we covered many more of the benefits of arming your sales teams with a mobile app like CPQ.

Watch the webinar replay and find out how a simple mobile application can transform sales!

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