Sales Ops: Help Sales Stop Wasting Time

Building Efficient Processes

One of the main roles of sales operations is to drive efficiency across the sales organization, leading to greater sales productivity.  It’s important for sales operations to help sales exceed quota each quarter with repeatable sales processes, tools, and resources that lead to consistent, reliable, and predictable results.  By melding the sales process into the tools and resources that are most used by sales, sales operations will enable sales to decrease the amount of time they waste not selling.

It’s important for sales operations to enable sales to stop wasting time by implementing a strong sales strategy, because nothing wastes more time than having a poor strategy in place.  The sales strategy should be a complete lead to money process.  Having a marketing automation solution to handle your lead management process, a territory and quota management solution to ensure that you are targeting the right audience, a coaching platform to ensure that reps are exhibiting proper selling behaviors, and tools to enable your sales people will help them stop wasting time.

Streamline Your Quoting Process

Sales teams have one job to do: sell.  They should not be spending their valuable time manually creating quotes, proposals, and contracts.  Enabling your sales reps to generate quotes through a CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution will save them incredible amounts of time. By having a centralized pricing/product catalog, a CPQ system prevents your reps from configuring incorrect products that lead to wasted time making corrections. CPQ will guide sales through quoting complex products and services, propose upsell and cross-sell items, and prompt them with what special promotions are currently going on.  Streamlining the selection and pricing of products will allow sales to generate customer-facing documents in a fraction of the time as they will no longer have to waste time and energy searching through different systems to find the most up to date product pricing.

A manual quoting process leads to more time being spent on the approval process.  Automating the approval process, through a CPQ system, will allow sales reps to spend less time sending proposals back and forth internally for approval, and allow them to spend more time selling the benefits of the proposal to the customer.  Guiding sales to the right products and options with side-by-side comparisons and detailed product specifications will eliminate much of the need of an approval process.  Now, instead of approvers needing to check the configuration of products, they will only need to approve the pricing/discounting.  Further time can be saved on this step of the approval process with automated workflows.  If a sales rep stays within the guidelines of discounting, a quote should be sent out without the need for approval.  On the occasions when a larger discount is given than should be manually approved, an automated notification can be sent to the appropriate approver for sign-off.

Integrating your Enablement platform with CPQ will save your reps even more time.  Doing so will automate the creation of high-quality documents based on your own templates, content files, and pricing rules.  Sales reps will not only be able to generate a quote quickly, but they will have the ability to generate a proposal, complete with supporting documents and agreements.  The proposal can be delivered to your customer or prospect through a secure link, which they can accept and turn into an order immediately.  By sending the proposal electronically, and having automated approvals, you will significantly cut unnecessary delays and drastically shorten your sales cycle.

The Benefits

By eliminating much of the time that is being wasted, sales will be able to close more deals, faster.  And because research has shown that CPQ increases deal size by 104%, those deals will be bigger than ever before.  Quick, accurate response times to customer/prospect inquiries will lead to happy customers.  Enabling your sales reps to provide their customers with the information/quotes they need in a timely manner, will lead to happy and engaged sales reps.  Happy sales reps sell and happy customers buy.  The elimination of wasted time will lead to greater productivity of the sales team, helping the entire organization hit their revenue targets.

7 Must Avoid Time Wasters

Sales Ops: Help sales stop wasting timeCheck out our most recent webcast for more information on the 7 sales and marketing time wasters to avoid.

  1. Poor sales and marketing strategy
  2. Weak lead generation sources
  3. Slow response to lead inquiries
  4. Too few attempts to contact leads
  5. Lackluster training, coaching, and mentoring
  6. Ineffective lead management processes
  7. Not knowing your wins and losses


By Jon Skog | December 18th, 2013 | Lead to Money

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