"Are You Clairvoyant?"

Everyone knows sales is part art and part science. Push too hard and your prospect is gone for good. Pursue someone who’s truly just browsing, and you’ve wasted precious time that could have been focused on someone else who’s interested. But even true leads have their own ways of dipping their toes into the sales pipeline, and some need to do a lot of research or wait for budgets to be drawn up, before they can commit to a purchase. Of course, experienced sales people learn over time how to nurture leads and develop a sense of when to pursue and when not to. But even if you’re a very seasoned sales person, wouldn’t you love to get into the minds of your prospective leads—or perhaps be in the room with a lead while they’re thinking out loud? There’s a technology that can help you do something very close to that. The Tracker - Your view into the mind of a lead The Tracker feature of CallidusCloud LeadRocket is deceptively simple. It’s a small window that’s always open on a salesperson’s computer, containing a list of leads with notations—when they last browsed your site and products, when they were last contacted, how many times they have looked at the same products, and so forth. It’s a real-time snapshot of a prospective lead’s interest as it’s playing out while they consider a purchase. The Gamechanger - Ranking and evaluating each prospect Meanwhile, the Tracker also lets the salesperson tailor the information in the window—ranking and evaluating each lead against the quality and focus of each prospect. Who out there is just browsing—and who truly seemed interested a couple of months ago, let’s say, and is now back browsing more deeply on your product site? The CallidusCloud LeadRocket Tracker feature can help you learn that—in near real time. It’s a game-changer in user click-through measurement. When you notice the familiar name of someone who’s now browsing your site, you can easily open your LeadRocket dashboard and get all the crucial details about that lead. When did you last contact them? Did they come into the site from an email? Have you spoken to them before, and what notes did you make at that time? If they seemed truly interested earlier, but weren’t quite ready to commit, and now are back, it could be the perfect time to reach out. 'I can follow up when the time is right' Erik Kaiser, Vice President of Sales and Customer Success at CallidusCloud, says he has used the CallidusCloud LeadRocket Tracker to do just that. And when he can see a prospect is diving in deeply on a product, he can make a call to that person, just to reach out and check in. He can mention the product, the feature, the functionality, or whatever it is that the prospect has been reading deeply about on your site. "I've had people say, ‘Wow, are you clairvoyant?'" says Kaiser. "I'm not, but the Tracker tool can translate leads’ behavior in a way that I can follow up when the time is right and not be pestering someone who’s not interested." In other words, the Tracker can help you determine when your prospect is ready to lock in a sale—all without your having to guess, worry about coming on too strong, or bother someone who’s not ready or interested. The analytics tools in LeadRocket identify and track your inbound leads—with sophisticated behavior analysis and all relevant historical information about the prospect built right in. And that makes for a streamlined, quick trip to and down your funnel. In Kaiser’s experience, once the CallidusCloud LeadRocket Tracker is in place, conversion rates can start rising quickly. “You can pay for the service by closing just two or three additional leads in a month,” Kaiser says. “Everything else beyond that is gravy.” In other words, you don’t need to be a mind reader. Let the CallidusCloud LeadRocket Tracker tell you who’s truly engaged and ready—so you can be there at the exact right time. Download this white paper to get more information on how to choose the right marketing technology.

By Aaron Parker | November 27th, 2017 | Marketing Automation

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Aaron Parker

Aaron Parker is a member of the Marketing Solutions team at CallidusCloud and has a strong passion for building and maintaining strong business relationships, and contributing to the generation of new business. Aaron supports the Sales and Marketing teams by researching and evaluating potential clients and new opportunities for revenue generation.