Forensics isn’t just for crime scenes anymore

We’ve all watched the popular TV procedurals. After a crime has taken place, a team of highly trained experts bring in sophisticated tools to search for evidence of any kind. Dusting for fingerprints, gathering DNA samples, examining every object with a magnifying glass for traces of who might have been there, and what they might have done. The investigators are using sophisticated forensic tools to recreate the past.

digital-forensicsBut now, detailed or digital forensics and other rich data are being used in almost every field, especially online, and especially in sales. And the data a prospective customer leaves behind can help create something in the future—like a closed sale and a very happy customer.

Here’s how it works. Special tools can be set up to track the “trail” of a sales prospect. Perhaps this person found your website through a search engine. Perhaps she signed up for your newsletter. Or maybe she received the newsletter, and clicked through for the first time. By understanding your prospect’s level of interest and engagement, through her behavior online, you can construct her mindset and readiness for further outreach and a potential sale.

Taking all these digital clues and making sense of them has been a game changer in the field of sales. By closely examining the digital footprints your prospects leave behind, every time they visit or engage with your website, you can create a clearer and crisper picture of her readiness.

Easily analyze those ‘digital fingerprints’

Digital forensics won’t take the place of the human touch, of course. You will still need to build rapport and a good relationship with your prospects and customers. But what digital forensics can do is give you detailed information about your prospect’s mindset. That way, you can easily tell if she’s just browsing and beginning to gather information early in her search, or if her level of interest is deeper. Every click through from an email or newsletter, every case study or white paper on a product or process downloaded, every repeat visit to your product page—these are all important clues to the prospect’s mindset.

LeadRocket can help a sales team analyze these “digital fingerprints” of prospects easily, quickly, and intuitively. It’s a simple tool to set up, and even easier to read and use. Why guess at a customer’s or prospect’s intent if you have an easy tool to help you analyze their behavior, and construct a full picture of their mindset? This information will help guide your sales team to know when the timing is perfect to reach out and help close a sale.

Think of LeadRocket as your own personal Sherlock Holmes, helping you piece together the intent and readiness of your sales prospect, at every step of the sales journey.

Download this white paper to get more information on how to choose the right marketing technology that can help your sales team analyze prospects’ behavior—for a higher conversion rate.

By Andrew Serber | March 21st, 2018 | Marketing Automation

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Andrew Serber

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