Are 90% of demand generation campaigns missing the mark?

Most executives are down on demand generation campaigns. According to the 2015 B2B Enterprise Demand Generation study from Annuitas, only 10 percent of executives rate their demand gen campaigns as very effective. But is that perception or reality? There's no way to know unless you measure. demand gen campaigns missing the markFor most enterprises, measuring demand generation efforts is a thorny business, complicated by three issues:

  1. Fragmented toolsets: Marketers have different tools for different campaigns. Most B2B marketers use at least 11 different marketing software applications, with 97 percent using standalone email marketing software. A plethora of tools leads to…
  2. Goal mismatches: Demand gen marketers are setting goals and evaluating success using one set of criteria, usually the number of qualified leads a campaign delivers and the relative quality of those leads. Yet the organization as a whole is measured on a completely different set of criteria, often revenue or growth. In fact, according to the Annuitas survey, half of organizations do not have common set of KPIs that sales and marketing both use to measure success. So demand gen may be hitting their numbers but may not be perceived as moving the needle enough on closing deals.
  3. Measurement difficulties: Marketers often lack the tools to efficiently or effectively measure demand generation. This activity is often delegated to BI analysts who merge and create reports on campaigns, which people often don't even have time to read. A fragmented toolset makes it even more complicated to measure campaign effectiveness, particularly if campaigns span multiple channels, such as web and email.

If you're struggling with effectively measuring your demand generation campaigns, there’s help put there. For example, CallidusCloud Marketing Automation gives demand gen marketers AND sales the tools and visibility they need to develop winning campaigns that close business. By incorporating website optimization and management, lead management, campaign management, and email marketing, CallidusCloud Marketing eliminates the need for several point products. Marketers can easily create and track campaigns across multiple channels. Turnkey integrations with top CRM systems make tracking the relationship between leads and revenue easy, as CallidusCloud delivers top leads directly to sales. Speaking of revenue, aligning sales and marketing goals is easier with integrated email and social tools that help sales teams to build trusted relationships with their targets that accelerate the sales cycle. Finally, out-of-the-box reports on campaigns deliver key analyses in engaging formats that lets marketers—and executives—track conversions and growth. We'd like to hear from you about the state of alignment between sales and marketing. If you are a sales or marketing professional, please take a few minutes to answer 19 questions in our 2016 Sales and Marketing Sentiment Survey. If you provide your email address we will provide you a copy of the results.    

By Chris Bucholtz | January 19th, 2016 | Marketing

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Chris Bucholtz

Chris Bucholtz is the content marketing director at CallidusCloud and writes on a host of topics, including sales, marketing and customer experience. The former editor of InsideCRM, his weekly column has run in CRM Buyer since 2009. When he's not pondering ways to acquire and keep customers, Chris is also an avid builder of scale model airplanes.