Content Marketing That Converts Leads

Why do you create content? If you are a new start up you might start off creating content for brand awareness and website traffic. But as companies mature, content marketing has just one central goal - attract inbound leads which can potentially turn into sales. In fact, content marketing is the foundation of inbound marketing and is often more popular than SEO, PR, and advertising. But you can’t go about content creation in an ad hoc manner; scrambling for ideas, racing against self-imposed deadlines, and creating random content assets. You need a plan, a strategy, and a theme that binds it all together to your brand even as it appeals to your prospects. content marketing While content marketers may like to model themselves on traditional publishers; there is an important difference which works to your advantage. Unlike a traditional newspaper that is constantly racing to report breaking news stories, B2B marketers have the luxury of time. This allows you time to think through everything and with some planning, even create a pipeline of content ahead of publishing dates. Use the time to plan, strategize, and publish superior content that converts leads. In order to consistently deliver high-value content you need to have a structured B2B content marketing plan in place. There are three essential elements in a content marketing plan. They are:

  • Content Creation: Content calendars are essential for smooth content creation, coordination, and alignment.
  • Distribution & Promotion: Distribute and promote your content to your target audience or risk being undiscovered.
  • Tracking: Track a set of primary and secondary parameters. Only tracking can help you identify your leads and calculate ROI.

Not sure where to get started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Download the free white paper on How to Make a Smashing B2B Content Marketing Plan. We help you plan and organize your content marketing plan through every step of the way.

By Poornima Mohandas | April 30th, 2014 | Marketing

About the Author: Poornima Mohandas

Poornima Mohandas

Poornima has over a decade of experience between business journalism and marketing. In her current role as product marketing manager at CallidusCloud she is responsible for the messaging and positioning of several CallidusCloud products.