Demand Generation Tactics That Work for Sales

Demand Generation Tactics That Work for SalesOnly about 25% of the leads that marketing hands over to sales qualify as immediate sales opportunities. These leads may have expressed some interest but need further convincing, further nurturing, before they are ready to take a demo or even a free trial. When a lead is passed on prematurely, the whole lead to money process is undermined because it becomes the sales team’s burden to determine whether the lead is mature enough to require their attention. This wastes time reps could be spending on other, more qualified prospects. Demand generation professionals trained in streamlining the demand generation process can help solve this problem. They leverage lead intelligence and through a combination of lead nurturing, lead scoring, and lead qualification measure both fit and interest of leads. They interface with sales; build a two-way feedback mechanism to bring about marketing and sales alignment. All this helps deliver truly qualified leads that sales can immediately convert into opportunities. Top performing organizations are 15x more likely to hire demand generation professionals to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, according to Gleanster Research. Demand generation is a fast growing field with an increasing pool of trained professionals. These professionals will own and run your marketing automation platform, optimize processes, and ensure measurement. So what are the top seven demand generation tactics you must employ in your organization? And how do you optimize each of them to attract the highest quality leads. Download this free whitepaper 7 Must-Do Demand Generation Tactics to find out!

By Poornima Mohandas | May 22nd, 2014 | Marketing

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Poornima Mohandas

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