How Fast are We Evolving? The Launch of the 2016 Sales and Marketing Sentiment Survey

Sales and Marketing have the same overarching objectives: they want to boost the sales performance of their business, thus earning more money and prestige, or at least simply justifying their existence. But anyone who’s ever worked in those fields knows that the two sides come at this larger objective from different perspectives, and face different obstacles to success. Sometimes, they see each other as the obstacle; other times, it’s process or technology.2016 Sales and Marketing Sentiment Survey In order to expose those differences in opinion, this year we published our first Sales & Marketing Sentiment Survey, based on data collected in the last quarter of 2014. The results were not startling, but they were also not totally expected, either.  Some notable findings:

  • Sales was less satisfied with marketing’s performance than marketing was with sales’ performance (although most respondents viewed their counterparts’ performance as adequate)
  • Only about 16 percent of all respondents said their sales and marketing organizations were fully aligned
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents still had all or part of their lead data in systems that were visible only to marketing
  • One in three respondents said that less than a quarter of their sales and marketing processes were automated. Only about 13 percent of the respondents said that three quarters or more of their processes were automated. And 29 percent of respondents said they were dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied in their sales and marketing technology solution.
  • One in four respondents said that “less than half” or “no one” on their teams had adopted their technology solutions.

Those data points illustrate that there was still plenty of room to grow for both sales and marketing as we transition to a more aligned, more data-driven future. How far have we grown in the last year? It’s time to find out! If you’re a sales or marketing pro, we want you to take our 2016 survey. It’s a mere 19 questions and should take less than 15 minutes complete, but your input will help illuminate the state of sales and marketing in relation to their technologies, processes and each other. I’m hoping that some of the gaps in opinion have closed, that some of the percentages of success have risen, and that we’re progressing smartly toward a better-aligned and more data-oriented future. However, I’m betting we’re largely in the same place we were a year ago, with some movement in a few areas. How will we know for sure? One way is to take the survey – click on this link, and include your email at the top if you’d like a copy of the 2016 study results. Then answer the questions as honestly as possible. We’ll compile the results, create a snapshot of the current state of sales & marketing sentiment complete with some expert analysis, and make sure you’re among the first people to see the report. You can expect the results in January. Thanks for helping to expand understanding of these tremendously important subjects!

By Chris Bucholtz | October 1st, 2015 | Marketing

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Chris Bucholtz

Chris Bucholtz is the content marketing director at CallidusCloud and writes on a host of topics, including sales, marketing and customer experience. The former editor of InsideCRM, his weekly column has run in CRM Buyer since 2009. When he's not pondering ways to acquire and keep customers, Chris is also an avid builder of scale model airplanes.