How Marketing Can Work with Sales to Increase Revenue

The days when sales people sold and marketers marketed have come to an end, at least in forward thinking organization.  In the past there was a clear line that separated the responsibilities of the two departments.  Over time this line has blurred to the point of being almost invisible.  Instead of having two departments with two missions, you now have two departments working in unison towards a shared mission, to profitably grow revenue. In today’s complex selling environments marketing needs to take a much more active role, not only in generating top of the funnel leads, but throughout the entire buying cycle.  Marketing is now responsible for enabling sales through the lead to money process.  There is no longer room for a marketing first, nor a sales first world.  If sales and marketing are not working in alignment throughout the lead to money process, then both teams and the organizations as a whole, lose out. sales and marketing alignmentListen to the podcast of Giles House, CMO at CallidusCloud and Glenn Gow, CEO Crimson Marketing titled: How Marketing Can Work with Sales to Increase Revenue.  This podcast covers:

  • Knowing your Pipeline Generation Split
  • Defining your lead criteria
  • Sales Enablement through Marketing Technology
  • Sales is Marketing’s customer, and Vice-Versa

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By Jon Skog | April 29th, 2014 | Marketing

About the Author: Jon Skog

Jon	 Skog

Jon is a member of the CallidusCloud content marketing team and covers all things sales and marketing in the lead to money process.  He is a husband and father that reads too much and sleeps too little.