The Evolving Role of the Modern Marketer

With inbound marketing being the way of the world, customers nowadays seek out vendors and not the other way around. Customers complete over 60% of the buying journey before even talking to a sales rep. In this scenario marketers have a considerable role in crafting a positive customer experience. That first interaction between the customer and your company is of paramount importance.  CallidusCloud’s CMO, Giles House likens it to a first date. “…if it goes badly you’ve blown it.” Only the most evolved marketer can deliver the best customer experience. So who is this modern marketer? The modern marketer knows a little bit of sales, a lot of marketing, some IT and plenty about the customer. He needs to have this all rounded knowledge and experience to capture more leads for more money in record time. Thus he helps execute the lead to money concept. Click on the video below to see what drives modern marketers like our CMO, Giles House. He was interviewed at the sidelines of RevTalks, the first-ever revenue marketing summit held in January 2014.

By Poornima Mohandas | February 6th, 2014 | Marketing

About the Author: Poornima Mohandas

Poornima Mohandas

Poornima has over a decade of experience between business journalism and marketing. In her current role as product marketing manager at CallidusCloud she is responsible for the messaging and positioning of several CallidusCloud products.