What is the Future of Marketing Automation?

As companies across sectors embrace marketing automation, the industry consolidates, and big names like Oracle and Salesforce enter the fray, where is marketing automation headed? How will the product evolve over time? Marketing automation solutions vary on functionality, ease of use, pricing, and after sales service. As the industry matures, some solutions will expand from the core function of lead nurturing into other related functions in the customer lifecycle such as lead acquisition, sales, and service. Even as some players evolve to serve as an integrated platform to serve marketers, sales, and after sales, other players may specialize in specific areas. the future of marketing automationMeanwhile, the B2B marketing automation industry is expected to be a sunrise industry. Raab Associates predicts the industry will grow 60% in 2014 to touch $1.2 billion on the back of increased adoption and existing customers expanding their systems. This is higher than the 50% growth rate of 2013 and 2012. Needless to say, marketing automation is here to stay. It is a powerful technology that helps B2B marketers become more efficient and effective. With the industry growing so fast, your competitors probably use/are evaluating a marketing automation platform. Not having a marketing automation platform in place leaves you at a disadvantage. To find out more about the future of marketing automation, download our free whitepaper Mid-Size Business and the Future of Marketing Automation today! Written by leading industry analyst and author, David M. Raab of Raab Associates, the whitepaper sheds light on how the marketing automation product will evolve in the years to come. Whether you are from a mid-size business or a large enterprise, if you are a marketing automation user or plan to be in the near future, this whitepaper is a must read!

By Poornima Mohandas | April 2nd, 2014 | Marketing

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Poornima Mohandas

Poornima has over a decade of experience between business journalism and marketing. In her current role as product marketing manager at CallidusCloud she is responsible for the messaging and positioning of several CallidusCloud products.