Nanotechnology – The Answer to Sales Success

Last week scientists at our top secret 'Cloud Labs' R&D facility hit a major engineering breakthrough. For many months they have been experimenting with nano-technology and trying to apply it to sales. Early animal tests were promising and we have started trialing with our sales force here at CallidusCloud. Over a period of 30 days our test sales people have been consuming these microscopic engineered cells designed to seek out and attach themselves to the synapses in the brain, ear and eyes. The nanobots help the sales person to extract hidden meaning from conversations and body language and provide a ‘real-time’ playbook using virtual reality technology. The technology taps into backend sales enablement playbooks and quote automation software to guide the user to propose the right combination of products and supply the relevant materials to convince the prospect of the need to change. The VR headset provides the on screen suggestions and the sales person can select the data using the special gloves. There are some kinks to work out – the VR headset is rather large. In meetings concerns have been expressed about whether the sales person’s attention is there. In some extreme cases, there have been reports of eye injuries with the sales person accidentally poking the customer when navigating through the system. We are looking at a more streamlined Google Glass version to address these concerns. The results have shown an increase in sales effectiveness - shorter sales cycles, a larger average deal size and a higher win-rate. We are continuing to refine the technology, but the underlying services such as CPQ and Enablement are well proven to deliver on these improvements. Learn more on our Sales EffectivenessCPQ, and Enablement to help companies deliver sales success.

By Giles House | April 1st, 2013 | Other

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Giles House

Giles House is the General Manager of SAP Sales Cloud. Giles is an experienced product and marketing executive with a proven track record of successfully producing, marketing, and selling business software and technology.