Why Sales Leaders Should Care About Facebook’s Numbers

Last week, Facebook announced some “phenomenal numbers”; its revenues shot up 61% beating all Wall Street expectations. With a dramatic rise in its mobile advertising business, Facebook now corners over 18% of the mobile advertising market even as it inches closer to its much larger rival, Google. Why Sales Leaders Should Care About Facebook NumbersDespite a shaky debut in the stock markets in 2012, the company’s share price recently touched an all-time high with its market cap soaring to $190 billion, on par with IBM. Much of this remarkable success is thanks to MOBILE. That got me thinking about sales: can mobile strategies significantly transform sales organizations and the lives of sales reps? Of course! And there is research to back it up. “Sales forces with mobile strategies perform 23% better than sales forces without it,” said Peter Ostrow of Aberdeen Research. The strongest-performing sales organizations have got their mobile game together with a wide variety of best practices that support mobile selling; leaders are further along the adoption curve as seen in the table below. Leaders enable sales reps to access all marketing collateral and content on their mobile phones as well as tablets, complete with updates and alerts.


Table 2: Mobility Best Practices Mobile
Sales Enablement Attribute Leaders Followers
Video content is accessible / viewable on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) 48% 40%
Mobile access to all Marketing-provided collateral, content and assets used by Sales 27% 20%
Mobile-available (offline and online) “push” notification of when new / updated content is available 26% 21%
Mobile apps are very or extremely effective during the “active” sales cycle 19% 17%

Source: Mobile Sales Enablement: Fulfilling the Promise of Untethered Selling. 2014. Aberdeen Research.

  Mobility can help drive productivity; enabling reps with content, tools, and information, allowing them to sell anywhere, anytime, be it during an elevator ride with a senior executive or at the golf course. This apart, reps can run trackable hyper-targeted email campaigns and engage with prospects on social, even as they stay on top of engagement tracking and analytics to tailor each conversation to prospects’ needs. Also, mobile solutions allow sales reps and sales managers to give and receive instant feedback on sales presentations and meetings, with the capability to compare to peers. Mobile learning gives coaching and training a new lease of life, permitting reps to take courses outside of the classroom, on their own terms. Has Facebook’s success with mobile encouraged you to closely examine your mobile strategy? How many of your sales tools are mobile friendly? Are you better off with it? Do write back in the comments section.
By Eric Brown | July 30th, 2014 | Other

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