The Sales KO - Kickoff or Knockout?

January marks the start of the new financial year for many companies and is punctuated by the obligatory sales kickoff. This usually involves flying a whole bunch of sales people around, a load of PowerPoints, some motivational speeches, a few hi-fives and a hangover or two. Some companies spend small fortunes on these meetings. Comedians, musicians, sports people and politicians have all been enlisted – Ricky Gervais of The Office, Alicia Keys, Joe Montana and Colin Powell have all done the rounds. At the end of the kickoff the sales force is transformed into a highly motivated, loyal and engaged team ready to blow their number. If only it were that simple.… Of course the reality is different. The good selling habits preached are abandoned as quickly as a new year’s resolution. There is no engagement in the continuous development needed to be successful such as keeping up on industry news and regulations, product training, sales process refreshers. These are not a ‘one and done’ annual chore, but fundamental ingredients of success. As you plan for life after the kick off, consider how you can capitalize on the momentum:

  • Are your sales managers having regular fact-driven coaching sessions that are tailored to improve an individual's weaknesses?
  • Are your sales reps motivated to carry out these development activities?

In our upcoming webinar, Why Top Sales Teams Will Coach and Gamify in 2013, we’ll look at how companies are managing better sales performance and driving unprecedented levels of engagement in their sales teams. Look out for next week’s blog – "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems."

By Giles House | January 18th, 2013 | Sales Performance Management (SPM)

About the Author: Giles House

Giles House

Giles House is Executive Vice President, and Chief Product Officer, SAP Sales Cloud.