Want to Clone Your Best Sales Reps?

Who said cloning is only for sheep and pigs? While Dolly the sheep did not survive past her sixth birthday and cloning technologies are not efficient enough, just yet for humans; there are technologies out there that can help clone the best behaviors among humans. And you could apply it to your high-performing sales reps! High-performing, high-energy sales reps who easily impress today’s educated customers and quite naturally close million dollar deals are an asset to every organization, but unfortunately they don’t come in droves. They are few and far between. All organizations treasure and pamper these target busting reps with cash, awards, and exotic incentive trips galore, but what about your B players? Can more of your B players be made to model themselves against you’re A players? What if you could “identify the traits of the best salespeople, replicate them and spread them across an entire team.” Just imagine what this could do to your top line growth. Luckily, today there are software technologies that enable just this. Find out just what these technologies are in our President and CEO’s article out on Entrepreneur: 4 Ways Technology Can Help 'Clone' Your Best Salespeople. Check it out and build an A team at your sales organization today!

By Poornima Mohandas | July 11th, 2014 | Sales Performance Management (SPM)

About the Author: Poornima Mohandas

Poornima Mohandas

Poornima has over a decade of experience between business journalism and marketing. In her current role as product marketing manager at CallidusCloud she is responsible for the messaging and positioning of several CallidusCloud products.