5 Simple Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

While there may be no perfect metric to measure employee satisfaction, there is no denying that it is a crucial aspect of any company success. Companies that improve employee satisfaction will have better customer service, increased productivity, lower turnover, and ultimately more sales. Improving your employee satisfaction is not as daunting a task as you might think and doesn’t need to involve huge salary increases or other benefits. There are simple ways that any leader or manager can improve morale and overall satisfaction for their employees, which will in turn lead to better customer service.

1. Transparencyimprove employee satisfaction

Trust and respect are the two crucial aspects of any relationship, including one between an employee and manager. Employees should know that they will get paid on time, be treated well, and feel that their managers have their best interests at heart. Transparency is a large component of trust. Leaders should always be open and honest in communicating anything to do with the company, whether it's about issues, clients, projects or anything else. The simple act of being transparent puts people at ease.

2. Open Communication

There is no such thing as too much communication. If you think you're communicating enough, push yourself a little more. Managers need to work in order to establish a culture of open and honest communication so employees will feel safe to voice their opinions, ideas, and even concerns and grievances. If leaders want to see more open communication between peers, they need to set an example. By opening up the lines of communication, employees will know that their leaders care. The platforms for communication do not be formal, but can be as easy as encouraging more discussions in the break-room or asking questions about projects or personal lives.

3. Build employees up

It’s crucial that leaders remember to give employees positive feedback for a job well done no matter how big or small the task. One of the most important factors of job satisfaction is that employees feel that they are good at their jobs and managers should reinforce the idea that they are with positive feedback. Employees are desperate for feedback, which helps them stay engaged with their work and focused on the project at hand. Another way to build employees up is by helping them continually learn new skills. When employees aren’t learning new concepts or skills, they begin to get bored with their jobs and their job satisfaction will plummet. Managers can combat this boredom by implementing projects that encourage continuous education.

4. Say thank you

Showing gratitude is a great way to improve employee satisfaction. Simply acknowledging and thanking employees for all the hard work they are doing can make them feel more valued and increase their productivity. According to Harvard Health, just acknowledging fundraisers’ work with donors led to a 50% increase in their productivity. By establishing weekly “kudos” or simple “thank yous,” leaders can create a positive culture and work environment where employees will feel valued, thereby increasing their engagement and productivity.

5. Let employees help invest

In order for employees to feel valued in the company, it’s important to let them help make decisions on the company’s future. They shouldn’t feel like cogs in a machine, but like they are contributing to the big-picture and are helping the company work towards its goals. Rather than establish top down “management knows best” solutions, managers should allow their employees to set goals and solve problems.

According to the analytics research group Gallup, only 13% of employees are satisfied at work worldwide, which means there is huge room for improvement. Dissatisfied employees will not be able to hide their dissatisfaction when serving their customers and a grumpy employee will directly lead to a grumpy customer. By making their employees feel valued and good at their jobs, they will create a positive work environment that customers will feel through their interactions. Managers who take the time to invest in their employees will likely grow their profit margins as their employees become more productive and efficient and their customers are treated with better service, thereby increasing both customer and employee loyalty.

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By Daniel Newman | May 16th, 2018 | Service Motivate

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