Motivate Customer Service Agent Performance with Gamification

We all know great customer service comes from engaged customer service agents, but contact center agent engagement remains a major challenge. That’s because agents often have limited insight into their performance. In many cases agents are only aware when they do something wrong and a manager has to pull them aside. What if there was a much easier and more automated way to motivate your agents far beyond what they get from direct manager feedback? customer-serviceThe concept of gamification in the workplace rose in popularity in 2011. Numerous companies are also now using it to drive employee engagement and performance across a variety of use cases. In fact, research by Aberdeen Group shows that gamification is a “cost effective” way to incentivize customer service agent performance. Consider what even the smallest uptick in CSAT score means for a large call center: millions more in revenue. That’s why so many service operations leaders are turning to gamification and other engagement approaches to drive behavior and boost the performance of their contact centers, delivering specific benefits that are real and powerful.

The power of gamification in contact centers

Leveraging gamification to motivate contact center agent performance is incredibly effective and powerful for the following reasons:

1. Empower your agents

When your service agents can see and measure their progress and KPIs in real time, you are empowering them with data and knowledge on how to adjust their behavior to improve performance.

2. Recognize and reward your agents

When you can use gamification to know who has exceeded his/her target KPIs and reward that person accordingly, it’s a big morale-booster. Gamification also removes the perception of favoritism because everyone’s performance can be clearly seen, recorded, and displayed.

3. Incentivizing your agents

This is a clear and obvious benefit of gamification but it’s one worth mentioning. When your agents can see how they’re performing in relation to their peers, it motivates and incentivizes them to work harder and work smarter. They want their names to be on the leaderboard, and to get there, they need to perform.

4. Retaining your agents

If you can retain your service agents for just a few months longer than you would have without the gamification program in place, that alone is usually enough to pay for the program. When service agents are engaged, motivated, and incentivized, they’re also happy and more satisfied in their job. Happy agents interacting with your customers leads to happy customers. Improve the engagement tactics at your call center or fall behind It’s a whole new world out there. The customer is king. The customer’s interactions with your brand also define your brand, which means your contact center agents have to be on point. They need visibility to stay and motivated to deliver great customer experience. Gaming, once confined to “consoles,” now has incredible applications in the business world that lead to better results. Get started here.

By Steve Sims | February 1st, 2018 | Service Motivate

About the Author: Steve Sims

Steve Sims

Steve Sims, Vice President, SPM Products, is a well-known Digital Motivation and Gamification expert. At CallidusCloud (and previously Badgeville), Steve and his team delivered 100’s of solutions for areas ranging from employee engagement, support communities, and performance management systems to loyalty programs and health care systems. Steve has broad experience in design, development and production across all major platforms – web, mobile, console and PC.