A Guide to Territory and Quota Planning

Territory and Quota Planning

Over the past couple of months we have written extensively about effective territory optimization and quota distribution. All companies do some sort of territory and quota planning, and as we’ve discussed there are incredible benefits to automating sales territory and quota management. Although getting a clear process established is often cumbersome and time-consuming we’ve provided several tips for effective planning. However we’ve found that many people are unsure where to get started.

Where to start when planning territories and quotas for 2014?

Territory and Quota Planning eBookWhile at Dreamforce last month, we announced our new Territory and Quota management solution, and we were flooded with questions and interest around optimizing the territory and quota planning process. It seemed that every attendee we spoke with was interested in ways to best assign territories, how to come up with an accurate value for territories, how to ensure that quotas are equitably assigned, etc. It seems that territory and quota planning is something most practitioners are struggling with and we thought our eBook on Territory and Quota planning best practices would be beneficial. In the guide you will find practical guidance on getting started with territory and quota planning. Including tips on how to get started, how to understand your current process, where to capture information on previous performance, and how to understand territory values so you can create territories and reconcile your plan against overall corporate goals. Be sure to download the eBook. We strongly encourage you to work through the exercises/templates to better understand what information you have access to and what information you lack in order to build and value your territories appropriately. From there you’ll be all set to hit the ground running in 2014.

By Amanda Silvernale | December 12th, 2013 | Territory & Quota

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