Tips for Effective 2014 Territory and Quota Planning

It’s planning season for sales operations departments, the time of year when territory assignments, quotas, and compensation plan changes are considered for the coming year. 2014 Territory and Quota PlanningIn many respects, this time of year is Shark Week for sales operations, except that instead of a week, quota setting can last several months, and, instead of sharks, sales ops must worry about salespeople and their managers, who are in fact more dangerous than sharks when provoked. Shark Week, and sales planning, can sometimes result in tragic outcomes – such as a sharknado, a bloody vortex leaving mayhem in its wake. Unlike actual sharknados, which are spawned by freak storms, a sales quota sharknado is entirely preventable with sound planning practices.  Below are a few planning tips we recommend to get started.

Tips for Effective Quota and Territory Planning:

  1. Define quota & territory program hierarchies that mirror your business
  2. Utilize real time historical performance analytics & opportunity based metrics to aid in territory segmentation & realistic goal setting
  3. Align quotas to corporate targets to ensure the alignment of your entire organization
  4. Create territories & distribute quotas quickly to enable your sales team to start selling on day one of the new year

Ideally, this is an easy process but experienced sales managers realize Territory & Quota Management is often time consuming and prone to mistakes.  To truly prepare, you must have the right tools in terms of best practices and technology.  We’ll discuss both of these and provide guidance on how to avoid a 2014 sales quota sharknado! Join us Sept. 12th sign up here:  Territory and Quota Planning Checklist: Preparing for 2014.

By Hannah Hanrahan | September 3rd, 2013 | Territory & Quota

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Hannah Hanrahan

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