Where to Start 2014 Sales Territory and Quota Planning?

It’s 2014 planning season for sales operations departments. Once again the time has come to figure out how to keep your Executive Team, Sales Leaders, and most importantly your Sales Reps happy, motivated and successful for the coming year. We just completed an excellent webcast discussing industry trends and best practices with the SMA, Accenture and our very own Derrick Russ.  A few key takeaways from the presentation that you can use to start planning are highlighted below.  If you missed the event you can access the replay here.

Checklist for Sales Territory & Quota Planning in 2014

territory and quota planning checklist

  1. Understand your quota process and territory distribution
    • Document the steps, methods, governance, owners and approvers
    • Document how territories are currently distributed (by customers, geography, products, prospects, etc.)
  2. Understand what is working and what is not
    • Collect the past years opportunity data available in your CRM. (A precursor to this could be to make sure your sales reps, etc. get all their opportunities and pipeline data entered accurately so it can be used for analysis.)
    • Analyze your data by asking:
      • How does individual attainment vary over periods? Compare this with the business.
      • What ‘biases’ are impacting overall performance? Test for areas of high variance, disconnect between individual and business performance, impact of small goals, historical influence and the role of guesswork by management in the quota process.
      • What is the cost to serve the territories?
      • How do different groups perform in comparison to each other?
  3. Based on your findings in the quota process and data analysis determine what can be improved for FY14.
  4. Create account plans for the new year.
  5. Reconcile your plan against overall corporate goals and identify any gaps between the two.
    • Formulate a methodology (or reuse one) by using the data you have available to determine where in your organization you have the most potential to create opportunities (outside of the set of already known/identified opportunities).
By Hannah Hanrahan | September 18th, 2013 | Territory & Quota

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