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Why You’re Not Happy with Your Incentive Compensation Management Solution

Why You’re Not Happy with Your Incentive Compensation Management Solution

  The job of sales ops and incentive compensation professionals is hardly ever easy. Figuring out how to get better and improve results can sometimes feel like an exercise in guesswork. Your incentive compensation management system is there to help you and should be the main tool you have for…
By Jennifer Kling | April 23rd, 2018 | Commissions
customer experience metrics

On Metrics and Complacency

I was recently asked for suggestions on how to prevent different business units and divisions within a larger organization from becoming complacent when they are performing well based on their customer experience metrics. In other words, their scores, e.g., NPS, are high, so they act like their…
By Annette Franz | April 19th, 2018 | Clicktools
CX Improvement Initiatives

Prioritizing Your #CX Improvement Initiatives

  How do you prioritize your CX improvement initiatives? You listen to customers. You map their journeys. And you identify a lot of improvement areas that would make the experience light years better for your customers.  You've got a governance structure in place that includes a team of folks…
By Annette Franz | April 13th, 2018 | Clicktools
CX Improvement Initiatives

Marketing Automation Isn’t Just for Marketing: How Sales Can Benefit, Too

Let’s clear something up: “Marketing” automation is a bit of a misnomer. When the first marketing automation technologies entered the market, they were built to solve specific marketing challenges—sending email campaigns, managing social media accounts, tracking customer journeys, creating a blog…
By Erik Kaiser | April 11th, 2018 | Marketing Automation
sales compensation plans

How Telstra is designing sales compensation plans to incent the world

Designing sales compensation plans is not easy. It doesn’t really matter how large your company is or your industry. When you combine different business units, geographies, and various types of payees, you are sure to have complexity. If anyone can speak to the complexities of designing sales…
By Jennifer Kling | April 6th, 2018 | Commissions
marketing automation vendors

Marketing Automation is More Than Technology—It’s Also the Team

Let’s pretend for a moment that we were 15-years-old again—that awkward phase when the world was at our fingertips, but we lacked the life experience to know where to go or how to get there. Around that time, most of us were old enough to start taking driver’s ed courses. And the sense of impending…
By Erik Kaiser | March 30th, 2018 | Marketing Automation
service journey

Change Vision: Getting Agents on Board with Your Service Transformation Journey

Changing the service journey is hard. But it’s even harder when you don’t have a clear sense of the outcome—and how you’ll achieve that outcome. Service culture transformation is not a cake walk. I call the whole thing a journey for a reason. It's never-ending. And it's a lot of work—a lot of…
By Annette Franz | March 28th, 2018 | Service Motivate
marketing automation platforms

3 Foundational Qualities of Modern Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing technology has exploded over the last six years. As we covered in a previous post, the marketing automation platform category alone stands at 212 vendors today, while the broader marketing technology landscape has exploded to more than 5,000 vendors. Think about that for a second. If we…
By Andrew Serber | March 23rd, 2018 | Marketing Automation
voice of the customer

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

As customer experience professionals grow their voice of the customer programs, they are looking beyond structured feedback from customer surveys to unstructured and even unsolicited feedback for a more complete understanding of the customer experience. As a result, there's been a greater focus on…
By Annette Franz | March 22nd, 2018 | Clicktools
digital forensics

Forensics isn’t just for crime scenes anymore

We’ve all watched the popular TV procedurals. After a crime has taken place, a team of highly trained experts bring in sophisticated tools to search for evidence of any kind. Dusting for fingerprints, gathering DNA samples, examining every object with a magnifying glass for traces of who might have…
By Andrew Serber | March 21st, 2018 | Marketing Automation