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Sales Incentive

Sales Incentive: Are You Doing It Right?

As any manager will tell you, keeping your team motivated day in and day out is one of the biggest challenges. Motivation is critical to keeping your sales team happy. Picking the right sales incentives can go a long way in making that happen. A good sales incentive has the following characteristics:

  • It motivates and brings about a behavioral change
  • It indicates the direction you want your sales team to advance in
  • It will not exceed the budget assigned for the purpose

There is no written rule for a sales incentive to be effective. In fact, a sales incentive can be something that is unorthodox but suits your organization perfectly. Here are a few pointers that will help you use sales incentives the right way.

Non-Tangible Sales Incentives

Also known as Job-Related Sales Incentives, these come without an out-of-pocket cost.


An example is to add more vacation days to an employee’s vacationing time.


You need to keep in mind that such an incentive would only suit if your business has a culture allowing its employees to use it; these are not one-size-fits-all incentives.


They boost employee satisfaction.

More Examples
  1. Often, taking a step back from an issue helps people view it with new insight. Use this strategy to not only get your sales team to hit the ground running but also as an incentive. As a sales incentive, give an employee a half-day off work and then watch them return to work with a new zealous attitude.
  2. Team bonding can make all the difference in the world. A team that gets along well will be able to work smoothly. In order to promote team bonding and offer a sales incentive, offer your team a chance to watch a movie together.

Tangible Sales Incentives

These incentives are amongst the most effective at motivating employees:


Choosing the right incentive is very important. For a sales force that prides itself in being sharply dressed, formal suits would work perfectly as an incentive, especially if custom-tailored.


The right incentive choice matters. Think before gifting the members on your sales team a flat-screen. After all, most of them already have one.


The idea is to pick something that your sales employees will not be able to buy for themselves; but wants to nonetheless. This can highly motivate employees.

Experiential Sales Incentives

These incentives require pairing performances with experiences – a winning combo.


As a sales incentive, offer a weekend stay in Las Vegas or a week in Hawaii.


It is easy to get the most of an experiential incentive. Turn the individual experience into one that rewards the whole team. It will not only promote bonding between the team members but also increase their chances of staying with you long-term.

More Examples

  1. To just reward the highest scoring performer, offer them a prime spot in the parking lot. When all the other team members walk past it, they will feel more motivated to perform better the next time around.
  2. To help them realize that their efforts are recognized and appreciated, arrange for them to have a meal with your company’s leadership.

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