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Learning Lessons in Incentive Compensation Management

Sales compensation management is one of the most crucial functions in a company because it drives salespeople to productivity.

However, setting up and managing plans is not always easy. It gets harder as you scale up to more plans, more external data sources, and more company divisions and geographies. In fact, the more complex things are, the bigger the risk of errors and missed payout deadlines.

Join Pivotal’s Diana Stewart, as she guides us on her journey of finding the right approach. From manual spreadsheets to trying out software that doesn’t scale, to dealing with the human element of keeping sales happy, we will explore all the angles that need to be covered in building a successful incentive compensation program.

Join this webinar and you’ll hear tips on how to: 

  • Automate & streamline the compensation payment process.
  • Find the right software that gets the job done
  • Improve the payee experience and earn the trust of sales.

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