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The Evolution of Sales Operations:

Making a Strategic Difference for Sales

Are you truly making a positive difference in your workday, every day? Sales operations teams know very well what they do, but struggle to explain it to others. The best way to be effective as a sales operations team is to proactively identify the upcoming challenges in sales and put the fires out before they surface. You need to have access to critical insights.

Easy enough-right? Not really, there is always a challenge in balancing the resources between short-term tactical demand and longer term strategic initiatives.

Listen as guest speaker, Dana Therrien, Research Director of Sales Ops Strategies from Sirius Decisions and Christine Dorrion, VP of Global Sales and Channel Operations at CallidusCloud provide a deep dive into the challenges sales operations teams face every day 

  • Breaking down the tactical and strategic responsibilities of modern sales operations

  • Advising you on how to categorize and invest in resources properly

  • Providing a model that explains what sales operations actually does

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