Not all ICM systems are created equal.

Choosing the right ICM system is no easy task, especially when your decision has the potential to:

  1. Increase your speed to market
  2. Reduce overpayments significantly
  3. Reduce the time spent on comp disputes
  4. Change sales behaviors

But here comes the tricky part: You have to make the decision to choose the one that works for you. Will the application deliver the flexibility, transparency, reporting and analytics capabilities that you require? The last thing you want is a hurried evaluation process, a rushed implementation, and a product that fails to deliver on your most important requirements.

In this report, you’ll learn 10 questions you should ask your ICM vendor during your evaluation process. Get it now!

Questions and answers include:

  • How do I settle comp disputes?
  • How many people can be credited for a single sale?
  • Can your application keep up with my fast growing needs?
  • How easily do you integrate into my current systems?

10 Questions to Ask Your Incentive Comp Vendor

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