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Delivering Value by Automating the Commissions Process

Growth requirements, market changes, rapidly evolving technologies and digital shifts in the buyers journey are forcing B-to-B sales organizations to evolve and adapt their goals, objectives and go-to-market strategies on a regular basis.

Sales operations, with a charter to improve sales productivity, often struggles to reduce the amount of routine, cognitive work performed by the organization, such as manually calculating compensation payouts. The sales compensation plan provides a direct link between corporate goals and desired sales behaviors. Accurate, timely payments are critical to building trust with the sales organization while minimizing distractions associated with commission calculations and mistakes.

Manual calculations are not only prone to error and inflexible, but deprive sales operations of critical insights and analysis that can be used to continually improve sales performance.

This webinar will provide the following benefits:

  • Greater insight into drivers of change and the challenges facing sales operations
  • A discussion of core accountabilities for the modern sales operations function
  • A roadmap to reduce the amount of manual, routine work performed by sales operations
  • A discussion of the benefits to be gained by automating the commissions management process

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