Time is money, and three smart companies found more of both with CPQ.

“Order volumes have doubled in the 12 months since CPQ was introduced and quote volumes have grown by 350 percent.” – David Wilkinson, Managing Director, Breathing Buildings

But first, businesses must recognize that they’re ready to buy CPQ, and then understand their specific needs in selecting the right CPQ solution.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software has so many positive effects on the sales process that companies deploying CPQ often find it improves far more than the initial pain point that drove their CPQ adoption in the first place. Smart companies have found that CPQ impacts margin, deal volume, deal size and customer experience in many ways.

In 3 CPQ Lessons from Smart Companies, three CallidusCloud CPQ customers discuss first-hand experience with the expected and unexpected ways that CPQ is rewarding their businesses, including:

  • Speed = Satisfaction and More Sales

  • Squeezing Out Errors = Acceleration of Revenue

  • Control of Approvals = A Boost to the Profit Margin

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