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Configuration Software

Tips for Selecting Configuration Software

With modern software, manufacturing and service-based firms no longer have to deal with the hassle of configuring the product on a spreadsheet to accurately price the product or service that the sales reps are selling. Today, configuration software automatically configures the product or service for the sales reps, thereby saving a lot of time so that the sales team can focus on selling more. Most companies in the United States are purchasing and implementing configuration software in their sales department to increase the efficiency of their sales team.

Here, we have shared some tips that you should consider when selecting configuration software for your organization, ensuring you get the best fit for your team and firm.

Number of Products Supported

While price is often the primary determinant, make sure you check the features available with any configuration software before short-listing it. If your organization has a large product portfolio, you would want CPQ software that is capable of hosting a large number of product categories and subcategories, which may contain unlimited number of products.

Time Required for Implementation

Remember to ask the configure price quote vendor about the time it would take to completely and successfully implement the configuration software within the organization. An organization with complex products will take more time to fully implement the configuration software successfully within the organization.

It is also recommended that you do your own research too and compare the time required by various vendors to implement the configuration software successfully in your organization.

Experience of Vendor

This is what matters the most. The greater the experience of the vendor in providing organizations with configuration software, the better they would be able to gauge your needs related to configuration software. Choose a vendor that has sufficient experience in implementing configuration software in companies in your own or a similar industry to ensure that the implementation phase goes smoothly.

Real-time Data

One major advantage of configuration software is that it offers real-time data to sales reps, allowing them to give streamlined quotes to prospective clients. This real-time data option also enables sales rep to avoid sending erroneous quotes to clients. So before you select configuration software for your organization, make sure that it has this particular feature. Do not make the mistake of purchasing the cheapest configuration software from the market because it would generally not include real-time data and customizing feature.

Effective Dating

If your organization has a large product base and also has a large number of group discounts or promotions, all of this will probably be very complex for the sales rep to remember. Hence, when placing an order for configuration software with the vendor, check out whether they provide the feature of effective dates handling. This feature will remove the promotion or discount from the product automatically.

Trial Use before Purchase

Not trying a free demo of the configuration software will expose you to a big risk. The trial software will help you in determining that how and in what way the software will help your sales team. . Click here to try it for free for 30 days.

If your business is planning to purchase configuration software, consider getting in touch with CallidusCloud; we have two decades of experience in providing clients with unique customized services. You could also try our free 30 day trial software here.


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