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5 Reasons to Switch Your Configure Price Quote Software

It is necessary to stay up to date with technological advancement, and if you follow the current trends, then you must know that like all other technology, Configure Price Quote software has evolved over the years. You might already be using a CPQ solution, but there can be reasons to switch your CPQ tool to update to a latest, more advanced version of the software. With the increased functionality of CPQ solutions in the market these days, the right software can boost the functionality of your sales team to a whole new level.

With so much pressure coming in from your competitors, it is important to do whatever it takes to stay in the league. And if you can relate to any of the following, then you definitely need to up-do your old Configure Price Quote software.

1. Your Business has evolved over the years

You have used your CPQ software well and it helped you increase your sales and run your business more efficiently. The investment and the hard work have paid off but the software cannot help you manage the extra channels, and the multiple users you need for your business now. Do not limit your company’s prospects according to the limitations of your software – just switch your old software to one that can help to take your company further!

2. You need something else

You need more features. You want to venture into ecommerce, you want detailed reports and analysis, better administration, or you want rules and approval workflow features that your competitors’ new CPQ has. And really, how do you intend to get ahead in the market if your tools aren’t updated?

3. The upgrade costs are adding up

Sometimes maintaining CPQ software and updating it to the latest version can be expensive. Also, with every update, you will have to train the staff to work on it. Updating your system can sometimes be more expensive to upgrade and maintain rather than switching to a system that has the added functionality that you may need or want.

4. You want to work on Cloud

Let’s face it, we live in a mobile world and just accessing your software from the office is no longer cutting it. Finding a CPQ system that doesn’t restrict you to office use is important, so finding a CPQ system that allows you to work on the cloud is essential.

5. Integration issues

You have updated your CRM and it cannot be integrated with your CPQ, because the software is too old. Or you have CPQ software that does not have integration facility.

If you are looking for a Configure Price Quote system that fits your needs, then one of the best options available in the market is the one by Callidus Software as they offer multiple sales solutions to help you quote faster and make more money. The CallidusCloud CPQ solution can work for any company of any size and industry. With a Configure Price Quote by CallidusCloud, you will not just have the advantage of automating your configuration, pricing, and proposal quoting processes; you will also have the data to make better business decisions.

CPQ by CallidusCloud also has advanced features like guided selling, analysis of data and ability to work on multiple channels. It can also be used by both B2B and B2C businesses. By making the sales process easier, this will allow you to spend more time strategizing on other ways to help your business grow rather than troubleshooting an outdated system. Sign up for a free trial of CallidusCloud’s Configure Price Quote today!



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