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CPQ For Salesforce

The Hidden Value of Using CPQ for Salesforce Solution

Increased selling time

Proposal and quote process can be automated by using CPQ software across the board. Sales professionals can target many new potential customers because the time spent in supporting functions is reduced by implementing CPQ for salesforce across the board. Productivity of sales reps also increases significantly because they do not have to consult the product expert for accurate pricing of a complex product. Hence, there is a large amount of time left with the sales people to focus on selling and converting potential customers to a loyal customer.

Remove barriers to closing deals

In an organization that still uses manual method of proposals and quote generation and then approving the quotes by internal authority, is not utilizing its time to its utmost. By implementing CPQ software and leaving the work of proposals and quote to the algorithms of CPQ software, deals can be closed a lot quicker. CPQ software allows you to see the latest pricing information in the industry, facilitating the sales force to focus on core tasks and letting the software do the grunt work. The quote and proposals could be approved instantly because CPQ could be programmed for per-defined approval levels for a product or service.

Lose fewer deals to competitors

One reason why you lose deals to your competitors is that the information is not easily accessible to the business. CPQ software aims at reducing the information asymmetry in the industry thereby giving you a level playing field to compete with your competitors on your product or service rather than information. Configure price quote for salesforce has reduced the barriers to entry in any given industry by making the information easily accessible to all the market participants.

Also, one reason behind losing a deal is internal delays; this software solves this problem, ensuring that there are no delayed quotes. The quotes to a customer could be provided even using a mobile phone when the sales rep is not in office or is traveling.

Maximize Sales with Intelligent Quotes

CPQ software provides insight to sales reps about the interest of customers thereby assisting them to deliver a product or service that is according to the demand and expectations of customers. Accurate and timely data can be used to create harness business opportunities for every prospect or customer. Also by analyzing the data and information, the sales reps can determine which product a customer is likely to buy and then pitching it to the customer.

The configuration helps sort and prioritize the product according to the needs of the customers. This results in an increasing sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Using CPQ software enables sales reps to receive quick alerts about when their customer needs to replace the product or renew the service. These alerts offer an opportunity to establish long lasting profitable customer relationships that would make the customer loyal to your company’s product or service. They also help in increasing retention rates.

Customer needs don’t remain unfulfilled for extended periods of time, so the faster a sales rep can provide a correct quote, the sooner would they be able to close the deal. Manual configuration of the product’s price can take long hours, and in that time, your competitors might very well approach your customer and sell them the product.

All in all, CPQ for salesforce helps sales reps convert more leads and close deals more efficiently. Firms who adopt these solutions will continue to see their market share rally upwards. For more information on CPQ with Salesforce integration contact a CPQ expert today.



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