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Are You Ready For CPQ Software? 3 Reasons You Are

CPQ software can help you manage your time, your client’s proposals and offer quotes more easily and effectively. If you haven’t been using CPQ solutions for proposal generation to date, and you aren’t sure if it is worth the cost; then you are going to find this post highly informative.

But first, you must know what CPQ software does.

CPQ software can allow a company to define the prices they should set on their goods, by making calculations and considering a large number of variables. And this allows the companies to configure their products or services and come up with a reasonable price for them while keeping the market conditions, competitions and the production costs in mind. Thereby, CPQ software also helps companies keep room for negotiation, and coming up with the best price for the customers by evaluating all the aforementioned factors.

Has managing your business become more difficult? Does your price and product list need to be continuously updated, and this has caused embarrassing mistakes in the past? Are you finding it difficult to get in the same league as your competitor?

This might be because you haven’t put in enough investment in your business. But this isn’t a problem that cannot be fixed. Here are three reasons that you (and your company) are ready for CPQ software.

You have competition in the market

Not only is your competitor continuously forcing you think of better and more innovative solutions to make your products better, your marketing campaign more effective and sales process simpler; you also should consider that if a prospect isn’t satisfied with your price quote, they will turn to your competitor for their needs. And why should you allow that to happen?

You cannot afford to make any mistakes

Apart from the point we’ve made above, making mistakes during the proposal generation process can prove to be quite expensive. Think of the loss you would have to face if you underpriced your products or services, or if you do not produce a quote at the right time and end up losing the prospective customer.

Also, this is about your company’s reputation and its ability to handle its clients. When other companies in the market use CPQ software to make their sales process smoother, not using CPQ software can make you look inefficient.

Your customer wants a proposal as soon as possible

Just one of the drawbacks of technological advancement is that people have become too impatient. And this is why you need to cater to what your customer wants as soon as possible, before they have time to reconsider their interest for your product or services. This can be difficult for large companies who have to provide customized solutions for their clients and a CPQ software can help simplify complex configurations and quotes.

The CPQ software by CallidusCloud does not just automate your proposal and quote process; it also helps you understand the pricing and helps you determine pricing trends with it’s data & analytics. Not just this, it can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses and also supports ecommerce. Most of all, all you need to run the CPQ by Callidus Software allows you to quote, configure and price effectively and accurately from any device so you are able to make compelling proposals anywhere, anytime.



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