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Guided Selling

What is Guided Selling and How Can it Benefit You

What is guided selling?

Selling a product or service has become more difficult today than it ever was in the past. This is because consumers these days want to know all about the products they are using and value consumer experience as much as they want product satisfaction. This is why consumers (or potential consumers) today need to be informed about which products or services to choose and be explained about how a certain brand can offer what they want to ultimately bring them to make a buying decision. This process is called guided selling and it helps brands guide their leads into making an informed purchase decision and thereby improve lead conversion rates.

How can guided selling benefit you?

Guided selling makes it easier to understand and analyze all you need to know about the needs of your customer and come up with a solution and a proposal to meet their needs. This can benefit you and your business in many ways, some of which we have listed below:

Engage and build better relationships with your customer

Once you know what your customer wants, you need to inform them about your understanding of their needs and let them know how you can solve them with a product or a service your brand provides. By doing this, you get a chance to directly communicate with your potential customers, and give them the personalized customer service that they demand. This allows you to please your customers, increase your consumer satisfaction, and get higher ratings.

Portray your brand as a relevant solution

Consumers today have more choice now then they have ever had it in the past, and this gives them the power to choose whatever they like. However, they still need to be guided into making proper decisions and understanding how well a certain product or service is going to work for them. Guided selling allows you to educate customers about a certain problem and portray your brand as a solution to that problem.

This is useful because sometimes potential customers don’t really know what they need and guided selling gives you the opportunity to inform them about a complex problem, explain its reasons and causes, and let them know how buying from your brand will prove to be helpful to them.

Get the opportunity to convince your customers of your expertise

With guided selling methods, you get a chance to prove to your potential customers about your knowledge in the field so they can rely on you for advice. Not only does this allow you to build trust, but it is also good for your reputation.

Guided selling solutions in the form of software allow businesses to quote the price and the proposal process to the customers. It allows you to interact directly with your clients and therefore contributes to your image as a reliable brand. For the businesses that have not tried out guided selling yet, or those that are looking for software that better suits their needs, CallidusCloud offers a free trial of their CPQ software which allows you to configure, quote, price and prose to sell your products in the most efficient manner.



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