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Price Quote Generator

Why Use a Sales Quote Generator?

If one bottle of wine costs 10 bucks then how much would hundred bottles of wine cost? According to your fifth grade class teacher the correct answer would be 1,000 dollars but in this real world the answer would never be 1,000 dollars because there would be some discount or premium added due to the bulk quantity purchased.

All this depends on many variables and this could be easily calculated by a price quote generator that factors in all the variables that would then determine the optimal price of a product or service.

Importance of a Price Quote Generator

Keeping track of all these variables that affect the price of multiple complex products is a headache for most sales reps but most importantly if a sales rep misquotes prices it would be embarrassing and harmful for the public image of the company and could affect its bottom line. It can even cause you to lose a deal.

Producing accurate and timely sales quotes is the most common problem faced by sales team of many organizations but even in this age of automation many sales reps use the traditional method of generating a price quote by manually configuring the product. This process takes a lot of time and is now considered ineffective and inefficient in most of the industries. The new trend of purchasing price quote generator software is on its full bloom.

No erroneous sales quotes

This software is referred to as Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software in the market and is widely used by the sales force for automatic price quote generation. By transitioning to automatic price quote generation technology, the probability of erroneous quote is removed altogether. All sales reps spend a lot of time in generating a quote as correctly and quickly as possible manually. This ‘lot of time’ is saved by implementing a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software in your organization.


Quotes on CPQ software can be generated from anywhere and anytime using smart phones and tablets. It would help your sales force to close a deal and then quickly move onto new one thereby increasing the productivity of your sales department manifolds. Having an automatic price quote generator is not only useful for sales reps but it is also an essential part of multi-channel selling strategy.

Multiple Industries

This sales quote generator has changed the traditional methods of selling and has taken the competition to a global scale. This technology is not only used by sales force of a particular industry, it has proved to be effective in the manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing and even insurance industry.

Since the fall of Kodak every intelligent business leader knows that they should be quick in adapting to the changing environment otherwise they would lose their market share to other competitors who are quick in adapting to the changing environment. This technology of automatic price quote generation is swiftly making its place in the sales department of many organizations around the world. If you want to find out more about CPQ software, you could try out this software for free.



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