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3 Ways Pricing Software Guarantees Bigger Deals

When in 1997, an IBM computer defeated the then chess champion Garry Kasparov, it was considered that machines in future will become more intelligent than humans – this has proved be correct. Humans are now dependent on technology and machines to do their routine work. For most professionals, it is considered necessary that they should be well versed in the use of technology because it helps them to increase their work potential. In the same way, the profession of selling has also been influenced by science and technology.

Software are designed to make the selling process more efficient and less time consuming, which in turn has increased the revenue potential of firms all around the world. These pricing software allow the sales reps to close bigger deals in less time.

Without pricing software, it would take sales reps a lot of time to generate a quote for the customer which could even result in the deal being lost to competitors. Guarantee is a word used by amateur businessmen; this software is designed to increase the deal size and the sales potential of your sales department.

Extremely competitive and accurate quotes

Gone are the days when sales reps used to fret over issues such as accurate pricing or manual configuration of a product or service, which literally required days.

Now, this tedious work of configuring and pricing a product or service is done by pricing software. The price is determined automatically by the software and the quote is forwarded to potential customers instantly. When this competitive quote is received by the potential customers, they place their orders quickly with the vendor online. This extremely competitive price has allowed customers to place bigger orders because they have the assurance of not entering into a bad deal.

Customized orders accepted by sales reps

Some years ago, when the sales reps used manual ways to configure, price and quote a product to a customer, they only did it for a standard lot of orders (i.e. 100,000 units or its multiples). But because of the accurate pricing software, customers can even purchase on odd lot (like 125300 units) of products without fear of their order being rejected or paying a premium for odd number of orders. This software uses the data of various departments within an organization, other macroeconomic variables and the probable quotes that are provided by competitors online to compute a quote that is very competitive. Thus, the demand of customers for odd lots of order can be met without any hassle – demands that previously went ignored.


The concept of borderless economies has given rise to increased competition. The pricing software like Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software has allowed firms to sell their products around the world. This has made the competition much fiercer which require companies to be able to provide competitive quotes to potential customers quickly before somebody else closes the deal. A sales team cannot cater to the demand of such a humongous market by doing the work manually. It is unthinkable!

To cater to the quote demands of such a large potential customer base, pricing software are used to help the sales reps to provide instant quotes to the customers. Since, the market place and its participants have increased enormously in size; the deal size has done so as well.

This pricing software could be purchased from CallidusCloud who has two decades of experience in fulfilling unique and customized demands of their customers. If you are interested in purchasing a pricing software, then you can learn more about this product here. Free demo of this pricing software could be availed for 30 days by clicking here.



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