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Proposal Automation

3 Ways Proposal Automation Buys Your Sales Team More Time to Sell

Time is money, but most organizations do not realize the importance of these wise words. Technology has helped in increasing the efficiency of working professionals which has had a magnified impact on organizations around the globe.

The profession of sales also achieved increased efficiency because of technology. Proposal generation, which is an important step in gauging attention of potential clients used occupy most of the precious time of sales reps,but now this process of proposal generation has been automated. Software have been designed that help in saving time and effort of sales reps and helps them buy more time for selling.

Three ways in which proposal automation has facilitated sales reps are discussed below:

1. Automation of proposal generation

In past years, the sales reps used to fret over making good proposals for the clients that would win them the deal. But this process of making proposals manually was a hefty and lengthy process that required the sales department to devote a significant amount of their time in preparing engaging and out of the box proposals. The time spent by sales reps in preparing such proposals is considered to be sunk time. Now this process of proposal designing has been delegated to automatic proposal generation software. The sales team no longer has to worry over preparing outstanding proposals to win clients over; rather, this duty is now performed by automatic software. Thus, the sales team now has more time to focus on the core function of their job description which is: ‘selling’.

2. Elimination of time spent on revision of proposals

When the proposals were generated manually, there was a high probability of mistakes and human error. This stage of revising proposals for errors caused delays in the selling process which was a huge time waster for sales reps and in turn for the company. With the implementation of proposal automation, this probability of committing errors has been completely omitted from the process of making and checking proposals. This in turn has bought more time for sales team to sell deals to their potential clients and customers.

3. Ease of getting internal approval

Once a proposal is generated manually, it has to be approved from internal senior authorities before it gets forwarded to the clients. After the proposal is approved, the sales rep has to wait for a long time to get the clients reply. But with the proposal automation software, the proposal could be instantly approved internally and can be quickly forwarded to the clients. This could then be electronically signed by the client through an electronic signing order. The faster this process is completed and the deal is closed, the quicker the sales reps can move forward towards other deals. This increases the pipeline efficiency of sales team which adds efficiency to the organization as a whole.

If you are interested in purchasing proposal automation software, then you can learn more about ourproposal automation software. You could also avail the facility of CPQ free trial for 30 days.



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