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Proposal Generation

3 Hidden Values of Proposal Generation Software

Time is the currency in sales and marketing. You cannot afford to lose any time when you are thinking about creating winning proposals that will ensure satisfaction and excellence in a fraction of the time that your current sales and promotion process takes. Automating your proposal generation can save you a lot of time and can make the sales configuring process efficient and completely customizable.

A proposal generation software speeds up the proposal generation process, helps users customize it, and also eliminates any risk or need of over writing and unnecessary formatting. A good proposal is not a guarantee of a good sale, but a bad proposal can certainly ruin your chances. Making a great impression requires that you give the sales proposal all your attention, and for that, automating the whole process is the most convenient and time-efficient method.

Generating exceptionally well-written documents that are personalized according to clients is the biggest advantage of proposal generation software. Here are three more core values that might not be apparent to you, but can prove to make a huge difference for the sales of your company.

Improved sales cycle and compliance

Through automation of sales proposal generation and delivery, the proposal generation software can help the representatives to maximize the amount of time with their clients. This can also provide them with an opportunity to work on other angles and more opportunities in the sales pipeline. The added benefit of compliance and enhanced governance allow the company to set up hierarchical accounts for editing proposals according to their user base.

Moreover, improved governance allows the company to save templates and ensure that external sources cannot edit or change the pre-edited documents. Proposal generation software can help the organization enforce brand compliance by enforcing and controlling the content that is produced by their sales reps.

Easy and fast

Proposal generation software doesn’t require you or your sales team to get extensive training. The easy user interface makes it quite convenient to design branded documents, which have pre-selected styling and formatting ideas and prerequisites that can be set as default for all the documents that go out. Even the new hires and addition on your sales team will have no difficulty in getting the hang of content visibility, which will help them becoming a top performer of your organization in a short amount of time.

Accessibility and security

Proposal generation software allows the sales representatives to access up-to-date data from the internet, which is approved and accessible. The software helps the users to leverage the content in an accurate form and then collaborate in real time with the users and clients on both external and internal levels. Most proposal generation software use innovative security features with signature platforms that ensure complete security for organizations that want document security and control.

free trial of the proposal generation software by CallidusCloud can help your company to measure the effectiveness of your sale strategies and marketing material, which can provide valuable insights into the needs of your customers. Without spending more time on proposals, now your sales team can dedicate their time to track real-time deals and work on improving customer experience through e-signatures and exceptional accelerated payment tools.




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