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4 Reasons to Automate Your Quote and Proposal Process

While customers these days need customized services, it can be difficult for large companies to cater to these demands, configure their products and their prices and generate proposals offering them the best price. Which is why, many companies these days have switched their environment to CPQ software which uses intelligent pricing techniques to help make the most of their time and come up with solid proposal quotes based on facts, not intuition.

The configuration, quote and pricing are important processes in the proposal generation process. And it is difficult to keep track of all the configurations that your customers asked for, as well as coming up with a reasonable price for the products or services they demand. This can be easily solved by using quote and proposal automation software, which is a part of most CPQ systems.

While automation has made almost all aspects of business easier, there are still some companies who are either skeptical of using automation software, or find the integration process of the software too complicated. But it is always a good idea to move with the times and consider using quote and proposal software. Why? Here are 4 good reasons why it just may be the best investment you’ve made so far:

1. Improves the customer experience

Why shouldn’t this be an advantage? Most customers return to companies not because of their satisfaction with the results, but because of the experience they received when dealing with the company. Proposal and quote automation will allow you to generate accurate quotes and come up with well planned proposals without making your prospective customer wait too long. Not only does it look good, you will also be able to come up with a convincing proposal for the client that will help you seal the deal.

2. Increases the efficiency of your sales reps

Once you have streamlined your proposal generation process, your sales reps will be able to cater to more customers in a day as the orders will be easier to manage.

3. Calculate the prices for configured products

You may know the price for the standard products, but when customers demand products that are customized and configured to their requirements, coming up with a price quote manually can be more complicated. CPQ software records all the data of the configured product and uses intelligent pricing techniques to help determine the price of the product or service.

4. Intelligent quotes available all the time

CPQ Systems can be run on mobile devices, which means once you invest in proposal and quote automation software, you will be able to manage your clients from any part for the world, at any time of the day.

The CPQ software by CallidusCloud automates your proposal and quote process and helps you understand the pricing and helps you determine pricing trends by evaluating the rates, economic conditions, market prices and demand. This allows you to come up with a fact based, intelligent proposal that satisfy your clients. Callidus Software can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses and also supports ecommerce, allowing you to connect with your clients online. Start your CPQ free trial today.



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