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4 Things to Consider When Selecting Quote and Proposal Software

To keep up with today’s business environment, you need to send compelling, accurate proposals to your customers as soon as possible, to retain their interest in your products. But it may be difficult to do so quickly if you are getting the work done the old school way. To stay in the same league as your competitor brands, you need to invest in a quote and proposal software – there is no doubt about that, especially if you sell highly configured goods.

But if you have never used a CPQ before, and are looking for options available in the market, then you need to consider the following things so you are able to make the best choice and buy a Quote and Proposal that best suits the needs of your company:

1. The scalability of the Quote and Proposal software

How many channels can the quote and proposal software support? To know if you are buying appropriate quote and proposal software, you need to be clear of your future business plans. Do you think you will be able to expand your business over the years? Will you need to increase your sales channels? Or do you plan to venture into online sales via ecommerce?

When you make an investment, you obviously want it to last for a considerable time period. You don’t want the future of your company being limited by your quote and proposal software.

2. The cost of maintenance and upgrades

This is one of the main things to consider when looking for quote and proposal software because you need to know how often you will have to spend on its maintenance. You also need to know how much will the maintenance cost on an average. You should also ask the vendor if the updates are free, or whether you will have to spend on them, too. Evaluate the costs to see if the system you are looking at is one you can afford.

3. The time taken for implementation and integration with other software

If you want your company to be completely automated, you need to integrate your CPQ with other systems such as the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERM), Product Data Management, Contract Management, Product lifestyle management, among other software

Not just this, you also need to make sure that you ask the vendor how long it will take to get the system up and running so you know exactly when it will be implemented.

4. The vendor and the facilities offered by the vendor

It is important to choose a vendor who allows you to customize your software according to your own unique requirements and sells quote and proposal software and that it supports your marketing style. These days, CPQ systems offer cloud storage and can be run remotely by mobile and other features that can be useful for your company. You should also check and see if the vendor provides a free trial so you get to check if the quote and proposal software you are looking at is suitable for your company.

When selecting quote and proposal software, you need to take a look at the one offered by CallidusCloud because it is going to speed up your quote and proposal process, and you will be able to create quotes in a single click. Get your free trial now.


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Configure Price Quote Basics - CPQ Benefits, Costs and Important Features

Configure Price Quote Basics - CPQ Benefits, Costs and Important Features

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