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Quote Proposal Solutions

3 Ways Quote Proposal Solutions Leads to Larger Deals

Quote proposal solutions not only make sales quicker, but also save time of sales reps and provide accurate quotes to customers. They also increase the overall deal size which is considered as the unexpected benefit of CPQ. This increase in both sales and deal size has affected the business and growth of many companies in a positive way.

According to a research by Aberdeen Group, the average deal size of the companies who use quote proposal solutions is increased by 105 percent as compare to those companies that do not use this technology. A sales rep without automatic quote proposal solution would find it hard to spot the upcoming sales opportunities.

The Quote proposal solution helps to increase the deal size in the following three ways:

Speed of sales

The speed of selling has increased dramatically due to automatic quote proposal solution software. Traditionally when all of this was done by sales department manually, it used to take a lot of time, thereby limiting the ability of sales reps to close a certain number of deals in any given day. But with the automatic quote proposal solutions the potential and the ability of closing deals faster has increased dramatically. It allows the sales reps to send proposals and quotes to a large number of clients, thereby increasing the potential selling opportunities. It has also assisted sales reps to quickly close deals and quickly move on to new deals. This ability has had a compounding effect on the performance of sales reps.

Customized orders

When the quote and proposals were made manually it was very difficult for sales reps to cater to the demand of customers that wanted products in odd lots or a customized product. Hence this market remained untapped, but with the implementation of quote proposals solution software it is now possible to customize the order and even customize the product and at the same time deliver the product or service at an extremely competitive price. With such orders being accepted by the sales reps now, the overall deal size has increased tremendously.

Global marketplace

The automatic quote proposal solution has turned the whole world into a potential market. The organization that uses quote proposal solution for selling its products and services does not compete only with regional players; it competes globally with international competitors. This change in market from local to global has led the deal size to push upwards, forcing the manufacturing unit to produce more and in the process making the company to rally upwards.

There are a lot of companies that offer quote proposal solution to their clients but all organizations have different needs related to quote proposal solutions. So choose a vendor that is able to accommodate all the requirements without limitations. CallidusCloud specializes in providing quote proposal solutions to its customers. Click here if you want to get more information on a quote proposal solution fine tuned for your company.



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