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3 Ways a Quote Software Gets Customers the Right Solutions

The fourth industrial revolution terms like automation, robotics and machine learning that were previously unheard of, are now being used frequently in many fields and professions. From actuarial science to agricultural science all professions have been influenced by computer technologies and internet. Most of the organizations witnessed increased operational efficiency because of automation in their business processes.

The profession of selling that was considered to be dependent upon relationships and physical presence is also becoming automated. Whether you want to purchase foreign currency for your business finances, or if you want to purchase a complex product, it could be purchased within a few minutes by a click of your mouse, while you’re sitting on your couch sipping your coffee. No physical marketplace is required for the exchange of these products; now they could be bought and sold online.

With the selling of products going online it is also noticeable that the barriers of entry have reduced. Anyone can purchase a large quantity of cotton bales or corn online that would then be shipped to their manufacturing facility. All these technologies are built focusing on the end users and customers.

Accuracy of quotes

There is always a probability of a human error but a computer committing a mistake is highly improbable. This is the reason that most of the sales reps are now using automatic quote software to generate and approve quotes even via smart phones and tablets when they are out of their office. Configuration on quote software is done automatically by using internal data from all the departments and macro economic variables.

Quotes are provided in less time

There was a time when the sales department used to configure products manually with the help of other departments, now this process of configuration has been automated which takes far less time for the quote to be generated. The quote is approved on the quote software and then forwarded to the client. The client does not have to wait for days to get a quote – instead he can simultaneously ask multiple companies to provide him a competitive quote and is able to make a purchase quickly.

Customized product

Before the implementation of quote software in the sales department of multiple organizations, pricing of a customized order was considered a hefty task. But now after the implementation of quote software, the customized odd lot orders could be easily priced by sales reps with just a few clicks, so the customers don’t have to wait for days for a quote. Instead, they get the quote instantly, thereby enabling him to quickly make a purchase. Also the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software enables the businesses to design a product by using customer insights from the CPS software.

There are many more benefits that the customers would continue to reap from quote software. Click here if you want to know more about quote software and how it would help you to increase customer retention. For trying a free demo of quote software, click here.



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