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4 Ways Accurate Quoting Software Helps Improve Customer Experience

Configuring a product, deriving its price, sending the quote for approval to higher authorities and then finally sending the quote to the customer after the approval, is the traditional process that the sales reps used to follow. With the age of automation, this process has also got which has turned out to be more efficient. Quoting software are used by most of sales reps nowadays to deliver accurate and competitive quotes to the customers.

There are many ways in which the accurate automatic quoting softwares have helped sales reps in improving customer experience. Here, we have identified four ways in which the customer experience is enhanced by accurate quoting software.


Timely and accurate quotes help the customer in deciding quickly which product to purchase. By using this software, the quotes can be generated by sales reps instantly thereby saving a lot of time of sales reps and customers alike.

If the customer is in a different country, or is demanding an odd lot of products, this would require the sales rep to customize the sales order, which would take a lot of time – sometimes even days to correctly determine the price of the order manually. But with the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software, international clients could be handled easily and sales could be made to international clients instantly.


If the sales department is using automatic quoting software, they would be able to give a competitive quote to the customer with a razor thin profit margin. This saves the customer a lot of time by not bargaining or negotiating the deal. This factor has proved to be important in enhancing the experience of customers.

Correct Quotes

If your sales team still follows the old manual way to quote the price to the customer, then there is a high probability that you would, at some point in time, deliver an incorrect quote to the customer. This would lead to the quotes being revised which would put the company’s reputation at stake. If that erroneous quote gets accepted by the customer, it would even lead to legal action between the client and your company. This would eventually lead to financial loss. In order to avoid such a situation, automatic quote generator is used widely by sales reps. It eliminates the possibility of misquote thereby helping the customer experience to improve.

Timely updates

Once the product is purchased or a service is subscribed, it is not the end of the selling process. A sales rep also has to remain informed about when would the customer be required to update or replace the product or re-subscribe the service. Informing the customers about these updates would enhance their overall experience.

Accurate quoting software will increase your company’s sales and will also increase your market share in whatever industry you operate. If you want an edge over your competitors, then this quoting software would assist you in your goal. Click here if you want a free 30 days trial of this software.



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